I’m sure you have heard of coaching, all the best athletes have a personal coach. That’s what makes them so great.

A coach is someone who helps guide you to reach your full potential. It’s that someone who holds you accountable, who is there to make YOU great. It’s that person who can help you produce extraordinary results in your life. So what’s Wellness Coaching?

A Wellness Coach facilitates and empowers you to reach your self-determined goals related to health and wellness. In wellness coaching we look at all aspects in your life and then determine where there is space for improvement, from food to finances, spirituality to speed of life, from career to community and even the challenging work-life balance.

Perhaps you are always exhausted at the end of the day and have no idea what is wrong with you? Or have sleep problems? Or experience anxiety? Or even fear aging and would love to grow old gracefully without the obsession of needles and surgery?

These are a few examples of what we call pain points. An experienced and qualified wellness coach will help you discover yours and work though it and together find light at the end of the dark tunnel. The relationship between coach and client offers a deep level of guidance, support and encouragement to making lasting changes.

A coach looks at your present-future. Unlike other therapies that focus on how the past influences the present, in coaching our focus is on the present and we help clients move forward to a brighter future. It is an extremely empowering experience.

So if you are feeling you need to find more balance in your life, contact me.

I offer free 30 minute discovery sessions to determine how can help you, and work together to reach for that happier and healthier you!